I am a grade 7-9 teacher at an Adventist school in British Columbia, Canada. I have been playing the Lineage Journey video clips for my students, 90% of whom are non-Adventist and most are non-Christian. My students enjoy watching your videos and look forward to seeing each episode—the scenic cinematography and choice of music scores are well done. It means a lot to me to see my students interested in the history of God’s church and to know that they are learning about the importance of God leading them in their own lives. While I initially played these videos for my class to learn the history of God’s truth, they are personally encouraging to me as I am reminded of God’s call in my own life to shine His truth in my remote area of the world and of God’s guidance for me to stay committed to His work. Thank you for your dedication to producing Lineage Journey. May God bless you for the work you do for Him.

Hi guys! Loving your ministry so much! Praise the Lord for your dedication and hard work! Im from Melbourne, Love you guys, praying for your ministry as you continue to lift the Cross of Christ higher and higher. God bless family

Amosa Krissy Tauai


You guys are doing an amazing job with the lineage journey project. Well done to the team and may God continue to lead the project.

JC Lino


I love all your videos! You are doing a great Kingdom work.

Jason A. Moon


Your ministry and the video releases have become a highlight of my week. My wife has been reading the Great Controversy for the first time. Providentially, we read the chapter about Huss and Jerome together the Sabbath before the last two episodes aired. Before this, she had shared with me how distant she felt from truly grasping the narrative and was considering laying the book down for awhile. Watching you video has given us concrete imagery to understand just a little better what these men of faith must have experienced. May God richly bless you as you bring these historical gems to the light.

Elias Groft


Hi Lineage Journey team! I attend Country LIfe SDA Church in Cleburne, TX and the newest Lineage video is shown every week before the sermon. Since I saw the first couple I’ve been meaning to contact you and tell you to keep up the good work! My husband and I both agree that you’ve put together something of real quality. Big thumbs up for the length, subject matter, stellar music so well timed with the narration, beautiful footage. It’s just so well-done! I wouldn’t change a thing. I don’t know if you have to put up with much criticism, but my husband I both want you to know we are blessed and inspired by your work. We are thankful for the work you are doing. Keep on friends! Please share our gratitude with all involved. God bless and keep you!

Karen Smith Lovitt


Hi there! I absolutely love this project and everything that it is sharing. Seriously, I get excited every Wednesday for lunch time because I know there is going to be a new episode from you all!

Juliana Baioni


Excellent job! I have taught church history for many years in the country of Romania and your brief summaries are visually appealing, historically accurate, and personally motivating. I really appreciate how you end each one bringing the relevance to our daily lives in our present day.

Chris Regas


Thank you so much for the blessing of the Lineage films. My real name is Fiona McClure and I lived in the North East when my dad Pr Donald McClure was minister to the Newcastle  and South Shield’s churches. When he was about 60yrs old he started writing a book on the Celtic Church; sometimes we would travel long distances to book shops and libraries because the internet was very new and computers etc were out of his budget. We had moved to Australia (where I now live) when he was about fifty. However dad got cancer before finishing his book and therefore tragically it was never completed; he was writing it from a travellers/tourist perspective. Your series has been so poignant because of this and I feel like my dads dream of writing the book has come true. You have done a spectacularly amazing job. Thank you and I pray the blessings will overflow on your lives for sharing with a world of viewers.

Ide-Ultana Sorcha


Two of my students have enjoyed the videos so much that they built a Lego replica this weekend.

6th Grade, 12 years old.

Thank you so much for making history come alive.

Esther Nanasi


Listen as Norman Mcnulty shares a short testimonial with us about his favorite reformer.


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Norman McNulty


Listen as Madison G shares how she has been sharing Lineage Journey in different places.

#lineagejourney #knowyourhistory

Madison G


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