History is the spade that digs up the soil of time to reveal the roots of societies and individuals. It can expose the causes that underlie the current state of our collective and individual lives, challenging us to rethink our actions. In reality, history defines identity and a strong sense of identity can shape a strong sense of mission which in turn, determines the trajectory of our entire lives.

Tracing the Lineage of the Christian church sets these realities within a spiritual framework, challenging us to evaluate the health of our individual spiritual journeys as well as the spiritual well being of our faith communities. This evaluation then forces us to confront the question; “are we on the right track or have we lost our way?

Lineage Season I explored the rich spiritual heritage spawned by the Reformation. Each individual, movement, and location we looked at brought to life stories that have long been forgotten but desperately need to be retold and remembered today. In many ways, it was a celebration of the Reformation and a thanksgiving for the way the Lord had faithfully led his people in the past.

Lineage Season II builds on that spiritual heritage by exploring how the light of the gospel conquered new frontiers and, perhaps most importantly, how God led his people into greater light and a clearer sense of their identity and mission.

Proverbs 4:18 says “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” Light always shines incrementally. At the beginning of a new day, the light breaks gently over the horizon and gains in brightness and strength as the day progresses until we stand under the full noontide heat of the sun.

Similarly, God reveals the truth to his people incrementally. The light broke over the horizon of Europe with the dawn of the Reformation, slowly gaining momentum as it sought out new frontiers across the ocean. It then reached out to embrace the whole world with the full noontide heat of truth triumphant and fully restored.

Join us as we explore the continuation of the journey we began last season to discover how the truth of God gathered momentum and spread across the whole world.

We pray that as you understand more of your history, you will understand more of your mission.