Mount Castelluzzo was one of the most challenging episodes to shoot logistically. As it was a 2 hour hike up the mountain to the point where the Waldenses where thrown of the cliff to their death for not recanting. It was such a challenging shoot that we ended up going twice. The first time round Adam Ramdin almost fell down and experienced the same torment as the Waldenses themselves. Here is how it all unfolded.

This was probably one of the most difficult Lineage shoots and also happened to be the last one. Clive Snr & Jnr suitcases didnt turn up, no tripod, little sleep, long journeys and varied accommodation but nonetheless the fantastic spirit of the Lineage Journey team pulled through and got the job done. Check out some of these experiences in this video.

Special thanks to Eden Matheson​ who journeyed with us to Edinburgh, Scotland and filmed some great behind the scenes videos of how episodes 33 & 34 had been filmed. Enjoy 🙂

Every wondered how some of these episodes are made? Take a look at some in depth behind the scenes footage from George Wishard’s episode 32 in St Andrews, Scotland.

Vlog from the BUC Youth Director, Dejan Stojkovic

A behind the scenes look at our shoot in the Waldensian Valleys in Italy. We hiked early in the morning to reach the top of the cliff where the Romans slaughtered the Waldenses by throwing them off a very high cliff if they don’t recant their faith and if they won’t give their allegiance to the Papacy’s power. While scouting for the best spots to film, Adam slipped and almost fell down the cliff. Praise Jesus for His protection! #reformation #necyouth

Wittenberg: Luther’s protest

Birthplace of the German Reformation: Saint Mary’s Town Church.

Today’s filming sound challenge: a very diligent man hoovering the street #cleaning101 #Prague#lineagejourney #knowyourhistory

The importance of a sound man – thanks Anton for being with us that week #soundiskey#lineagejourney #rodemic #shotgunmic

Highlights from GYC Houston, Texas #lineagejourney. Shoot & edit ?@edenthatafrokid