“History is inextricably linked to identity. If you don't know your history, if you don't know your family. Who are you?”
M.E. Pipher
We live in a world in which the past, present and future are constantly connected and we cannot isolate one from the other. Knowing where we come from is key to understanding who we are today which in turn helps to shape and guide our mission and purpose in life.
Lineage aims to translate history into the language of today through interactive media enabling the watchers to be transported to the various locations that they might not have opportunity to visit. Today people are engaging with media like never before and providing a resource that is short, concise and sharable is a key goal. Enabling history to be accessible through the mediums that are popular in this millennial age such as Youtube and Facebook was also a priority.
The project was conceived when freelance videographer Clive Coutet approached the NEC Youth Director, Pr Adam Ramdin, with the idea of filming sites of historical relevance in his hometown of London. According to Pr Ramdin, “The idea was great, but it quickly grew from just London, to Oxford, Lutterworth and Edinburgh. Then we thought, why stop there – we should do some of the sites on mainland Europe as well.”

This year marks the 500th since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the castle church at Wittenberg, an event which kickstarted the Protestant Reformation and saw the landscape of Christianity change forever. At a time when many around the world are questioning the validity of that protest, and in light of the great prophetic calling which has been placed in our trust, how crucial that young and old have a solid grasp of the beliefs, struggles and sacrifices of those who’ve gone before us; of experiences which form the foundations and backbone of who we are as a movement today. It is hoped that the vivid footage and solid content of Lineage will allow many viewers to finally see for themselves places we often just hear spoken of in sermons or read about in books.

Lineage is put together by a team of professionals from various location, each with their own expertise, yet working together.